ANA announces the release of Nanotechnology: Australian Capability Report Fourth Edition

The Australian Nanotechnology Alliance was commissioned in the second half of 2010 by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research under the National Enabling Technologies Strategy to create the Fourth Edition of Nanotechnology: Australian Capability Report. We are pleased to announce that this report is now available.

Australia is making a name for itself in materials, nanobiotechnology, electronics and photonics, energy and environment and quantum technology. Research outcomes can be applied across a wide range of industries, from agriculture and IT to health and aeronautics.

Australia’s smart, enterprising population, robust R&D infrastructure, supportive government and stringent IP protection make it an attractive location to establish and conduct research activities. Collaboration is a defining feature of the Australian nanotechnology sector. The country’s research institutes and private companies have formed strong alliances to bring products with commercial and social benefits to market quickly.

The Fourth Edition of Nanotechnology: Australian Capability Report contains the most up to date information on the Australian nanotechnology sector currently available. The new directory style of this Edition allows the reader to easily find relevant information, and the Australian Nanotechnology Matrix towards the end of the Report provides a useful summary of all relevant areas for each organisation listed.

The Report maintains the seven categories of the Third Edition, while broadening the scope to include new categories of Government Resources and Consultancy Services. There are over 300 entries for companies, research organisations and Government bodies over nine categories:

  • Materials
  • Nanobiotechnology and medical devices
  • Energy and environment
  • Electronics and photonics
  • Quantum technology
  • Instrumentation and software
  • Facilities, networks and associations
  • Government resources
  • Consultancy services

A pdf version of this report can be found here. Please contact the Australian Nanotechnology Alliance if you wish to obtain a print version of this report.

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