About the ANA

About the Australian Nanotechnology Alliance

ANA is an industry-led, research supported membership-based alliance comprising organisations that underpin Australia’s current and future economic growth in diverse industry sectors including mining, manufacturing agriculture, construction, biotechnology, marine, aviation and microelectronics.

ANA encourages collaboration and self-assembly between the three key stakeholder groups in the Australian nanotechnology ecosystem: Researchers, Developers and Manufacturers, this representing the triple-helix strategies. This unique model focuses on increasing the awareness of nanotechnology to both initiated and uninitiated organisations leading to promotion of regional innovation, economic development and employment.

ANA is Australia’s peak alliance representing the full spectrum of the nanotechnology eco-system. Originally founded to advise all levels of Government on the significant economic impact that nanoscience has and will continue to have on current and future products and industrial processes.

The incorporation of nanotechnology into products is predicted to have a global value estimated at $US1 to 2.6 trillion by 2015, with international demand for 2 million direct and 7 million indirect workers. Aggregating these figures into Australian data would see the sector valued between $AUD10 to 60 billion and employing some 125,000 people. These figures show the economic benefits of nanotechnology is significantly greater than other emerging technologies, including biotechnology.

Foundation members of the ANA fit within the three sectors of the nano eco-system: (a) established companies such as Boeing, Alcan, Orica, G James Glass; (b) emerging technology companies such as Microwave Materials and Design, MiyoTech, Bio-Layer, Very Small Particle Company and (c) representatives from each South East Queensland University and other research bodies. The alliance also has associate members, such as the Australian Institute for Commercialisation, Australian Microelectronics Centre, UniQuest, Queensland Government and professional service firms. The ANA also has strong links with the American NanoBusiness Alliance.

To assist the ANA in working with public decision makers on the development of policy and regulatory frameworks, four sub-committees are actively gathering information. Sub-committees examine:

  • Infrastructure
  • Business
  • Regulation
  • Workforce/Skills.

Summary of ANA’s aims:

  • To bring awareness of nanotechnology to both initiated and uninitiated firms in the broader community
  • To encourage collaboration and self-assembly between the diverse nanotechnology stakeholder groups
  • To take an active role in the nanotechnology policy debate and provide practitioner knowledge
  • To showcase nanotechnology players through a series of educational programs and exhibitions
  • To promote representatives from the ecosystem to both domestic and international players
  • To provide linkages with representatives in business service community who can provide expert knowledge to grow a business
  • As a multi-pillar organisation, ANA supports the entire nano-ecosystem which includes Nano Technologists, intermediaries, enablers and service providers.