Nanotechnology enabled products to hit $US3.1 trillion value by 2015

Leading nanotechnology research agency, Lux Research Inc based in New York, has revised upward their estimated value of nano-enabled goods to be produced by 2015.

From an earlier prediction that the global value of nano-enabled goods of $US2.6 trillion, new research indicates this figure will swell to $US3.1 trillion by 2015. As of 2007 goods incorporating nanotechnology reached $US147 billion.

Interim CEO of the Australian Nanotechnology Alliance (ANA), Ms Carla Gerbo said “Australian manufacturers are also taking advantage of nanotechnology to produce goods which offer unique and or enhanced properties, with the potential that Australian products incorporating nanotechnology could be valued up to $60 billion by 2015, while employing some 125,000”.

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