Strategic Alliance Announced – Future Materials and the Australian Nanotechnology Alliance

Future Materials

Brisbane, 24 June 2008: Future Materials and The Australian Nanotechnology Alliance (ANA), two leading Australian material science bodies have announced a strategic alliance in order to deliver collaborative activities aimed at bringing together university and public research organisations with industry on a national playing field.

Chairman of Future Materials, Mr Angus M Robinson (currently Director, Ai Group/AEEMA Consolidation), said “both organisations share the vision that advances in materials technology can bring about solutions to industrial problems, including solutions for advanced manufacturing, as well as solutions to many of the crucial environmental problems
facing mankind.”

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XeroCoat Enters Solar Energy Market

High tech start up company XeroCoat has announced its entry into the solar energy market.

This pioneering company commenced by University of Queensland researchers, Dr Michael Harvey and Associate Professor Paul Meredith, now headquartered in Redwood City California, with its R&D base in Brisbane, has taken its innovative coating technology and is targeting the solar thermal and solar photovoltaic markets.

Targeting the solar thermal and solar photovoltaic markets, XeroCoat’s innovative coating technology can significantly increase conversion efficiency and consequently power output of these systems with very little change to the cell or module manufacturing process.

Through its innovative technologies which delivers greater solar energy affordability by decreasing manufacturing costs for solar module makers and increasing energy returns for solar system owners.

Tom Hood, President and Chief Executive Officer of XeroCoat said “with its strong Australian links, XeroCoat is very committed to continuous technology innovation and partnering with our customers to make solar energy a sustainable and affordable energy alternative now and into the future”. For more information visit