Media Release – Consumer Demand for Nanotechnology Goods on the Rise

Australian Nanotechnology Alliance

As the number of consumer products incorporating nanotechnology approaches 500, scientists predict that by 2013 half of all new consumer products developed will contain nanotechnology, and with the value of goods incorporating nano expected to reach $2.6 trillion by 2015, these very small particles which measure one-billionth of a metre, are becoming a part of our everyday life.

Carla Gerbo, Director of the Australian Nanotechnology Alliance (ANA) said, “In Australia many consumers are aware of nano’s use in consumer products such as UV sunscreens incorporating zinc oxide nanoparticles, or nano particles that clothing companies such as King Gee use in some of their clothing range which makes them water and stain repellent. These items have readily been accepted by Australian consumers, yet they represent just the tip of a range of products now available”.

Big names in house-hold products have been quick to adopt nanotechnology and produce domestic appliances such as fridges (Samsung, LG, Daewoo), washing machines (Samsung), mobile phone casings (LG), door handles (Nano Care Technology) and vacuum cleaners (LG), infused with silver nanoparticles. Silver, with its anti-bacterial properties, is the most popular of the nanoparticles incorporated into 20% of products.”

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